All types of wedding themes in gold

In the latest times, we have observed how more and more couples tend to pick their wedding reception details and decors accordingly to a particular color. Namely, they decide a basic color from which they start easily organizing all the rest of the details at the level of the wedding reception or the religious ceremony.

Gold wedding favorsCredit
Gold wedding favors

Also, besides the colors that you decide to apply for, there are other details that need to be taken into account when it comes to a wedding ceremony and its elements. At this level, we’re speaking about the style that you can choose:
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  • The minimalist style for those that are into simple details and without too many additions or multiple colors together
  • The classic style of a wedding, which refers to weddings receptions that don’t have modern details or something that appeared recently on the market or things that are not in trend– you can say that minimalist weddings and classic ones are the same thing, well, it’s not quite in this way, because a minimalist wedding reception can include in it some objects and details that are rather modern and fashionable
  • The wedding with a medieval theme – for such a wedding theme, you need to steal elements and pieces of décor from the medieval period and you can easily get inspired from movies or even fairytales. Yes, a medieval theme can also be equivalent with a fairytale theme wedding, due to the details engaged in it – the ball gown wedding dresses, the pieces of furniture that are stolen from that era, as well as the dishes, which can have the medieval inspiration that we have just mentioned about
  • The rustic wedding theme – this kind of wedding gets back to basics with its elements. Yes, you can observe different flower arrangements that are realized from garden flowers, or the wedding venue in which the wedding takes place is constituted of a tent
  • The vintage or retro wedding theme – this one is made with pieces of furniture and flower arrangements that bring one with the idea of old times. The flower arrangements are simple and in warm tones and the wedding cake is that very well known sweet piece, which is realized in white and with lace details on it!
  • The royal wedding – this type of wedding has its inspiration in the high class weddings and it’s ultra elegant with pieces of furniture in the wedding venue that are kind of expensive and the dishes served are among the finest and the most expensive.
  • The hippie wedding – here’s a kind of wedding that takes place usually in an open air space and we have observed how lately there are more and more people who tend to apply for this kind of style for the bridal day. Nowadays, it only matters to be different from others and make every pick special.

These are some of the most popular styles when it comes to wedding themes and how to realize successful ceremonies and wedding receptions. Now, getting back from where we started, namely to colors, we would like to take into account every wedding style that was mentioned in these previous lines and so, offer you some tips on how you can realize a wedding in a single color and in this case, we have decided it to be gold.

Gold wedding invitationsCredit
Gold wedding invitations

The minimalist wedding in gold

Gold is a tone that denotes elegance and you can use it in every little detail you want and in any case! For instance, at the level of the minimalist wedding, we were thinking that the wedding cake can be made entirely in a gold tone and without too many additions or lace pieces. Also, the tableware can also be made in this tone with success as well.

The classic weddings

If you are wondering in what details you can apply this tone in this particular type of wedding, then you need to know that you can play in almost all the details, starting from the wedding invitations and ending with the wedding favors, just don’t forget to make them look classic.

The medieval theme or the fairytale wedding theme

Well, in this case, you can start with gold tone furniture, continue with the tableware, the wedding cake, the wraps, as well as the wedding flower arrangements. Consider that this type of wedding permits you to play with the gold tone the most between the others.

Gold wedding dressesCredit
Gold wedding dresses

The same situations stays for the royal wedding theme and the vintage wedding theme – both of these styles permit you to play with golden tones and in the same time, you can use your imagination quite well.

The rustic wedding theme and the hippie wedding theme are all about an open air wedding and we don’t deny the use of gold in this area as well, but not in exaggerate quantities. We would rather focus on tones that denote freshness!