Homemade Jam Wedding Favors

Sometimes you just want to do something a little different for your wedding favors. Something a little more personal, yet something that’s sure to escape the clutter drawer. Maybe you’ve thought the usual crop of wedding favor ideas fail to deliver a punch. They lack that sense of “here you are – I was thinking of you – yes, you.”

Maybe they lack the feeling that comes when you personally create something out of real appreciation for those people coming to be a part of the happiest day of your life. You want no hint of obligation or patness in your favors. You want the feeling that only comes from a woman standing over the cauldron of her kitchen, cooking with the magic of affection and reminiscence.

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The Perfect Palette

The thing about homemade jam is that it can be so unexpected. Some jams are nothing more than love potions dressed for convention. Some are astounding taste sensations that in truth, were made for adventurous palettes. Some gleam with a metropolitan flair. Some take you back to a toothsome moment you might have shared over biscuits or scones with an elderly uncle or aunt. Some brim with sunshine, like the sharp, wild and unforgettable jams of wild raspberry, blueberry, current and blackberry for those lucky enough to be near such things.

Perhaps you watched Like Water for Chocolate, and learned about the power of food made with love — of any accent, condiment, course or sweet distilled with imagination and care. It’s almost as powerful as the things we say to each other in person or in print.

Some of your homemade jam favors will be consumed immediately upon your guests’ return to their homes, over a thick slice of farm bread or some lemon pancakes. And some will sit in their smart affia bows for years, patiently parked in your guests’ cupboards. Years later, a hand will reach in and twist off the lid, and the memory of your day will escape right there from the jar in all its sun and scent and spice and sweetness.


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Pick a great recipe for your wedding favors. If you want to do something a little out of the ordinary, here are some ideas for “kicking it up a notch”:

Fruit and Wine. Fruit and wine jams are captivating. Strawberry and champagne make a classic jam combination. Also consider raspberry, peach and champagne jam, or port and currant jam.

Hot, Hot, Hot. Jams spiced up with jalapenos and other hot peppers are sure to make a splash. Try raspberry jalapeno, peach jalapeno, hot pepper and mango/raspberry jam, or hot apple jelly.



American Gothic. Try gooseberry, currant, serviceberry, boysenberry, cranberry, plum or rhubarb concoctions.

Almost Aphrodisiac. Try jams that feature dark sweet cherries, strawberries, or figs.

Herbal DelightsTry rosemary and currant jam, blueberry lavender jam, strawberry lavender jam, or even tomato lavender jam.

Wedding Chicks
Taste of the Tropics. Try jams made with exotic fruits such as guava, pomogranate, mangos, kiwis, limes, or pineapples.

Teddibly British. Black currant, orange marmalade, quince marmalade, tayberry, or even small pots of Devonshire cream.