Unique wedding theme

A unique wedding theme doesn’t consist only in very expensive details and things like that, but on the contrary…. It means to have interesting details, which weren’t observed in any other weddings and this doesn’t mean exactly to buy expensive accessories and details. Like in the case of an eco wedding theme you’re not going to need lots of expensive arrangements, as natural as possible and even brought from the surroundings.

unique wedding theme

The eco trend couldn’t avoid organizing weddings as well. This is why if you want to start a new road with your husband and with the earth in mind you have to read this topic concerning the eco wedding themes.
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First of all, let’s start with the location

Choose the location as close as possible for the guests – in order for them not to be needed to drive too much up to the moment in which they arrive there. Also, inform yourself what you’re going to have at that particular spot: if there is light and it’s eco friendly in the same time, if there is a recycling system or you need some decorations.

The weddings gown

The best option for an eco wedding theme is the vintage wedding gown for the bride and groom. If you want clothes made especially for you then you can apply for organic fabrics, handmade clothes and for local designers. The simplicity is as important as the rest of the details.

The wedding invitations

For the guests you have to apply for recycled paper, processed without chloride and encourage your guests to recycle them. Another option is that through e-mail – what can be more with eco theme than this? Also, in order to save as much paper as possible you can create a special site in which the guests should know that you applied for this unique wedding theme. It’s going to be useful after as well, because you can make photos that can get to all the guests without doing any efforts.

unique wedding theme 2

The menu

Fid a catering firm that can bring vegetarian food and organic in the same time; also you have to make sure that those that offer you the ingredients are from the surroundings. Another way of reducing the surplus is to avoid applying for a Swedish buffet, every guests being served with a particular type of menu. In this way, the waist is going to be minimum and you’re going to have fewer dishes to wash.

The flowers

For the bouquets and the arrangements that you can apply for: those cultivated locally and even wild flowers. And instead of the vases on the tables you can apply for pots that the guests can take home as wedding favors. You’re going to shoot two rabbits from one shot!