Medieval wedding

All of us want a really interesting wedding and very good looking. When it comes to such events all should be planned until the tinniest detail. We suggest to you a medieval wedding and we offer step by step suggestions for what should you do in order to offer vivid details to it!

medieval wedding

We start from the invitations part. You can have a cardboard invitation that has really nice details on it with an interesting typewriting and you should add a cartoon or an image that brings the guest with the idea of really old times. Wrap around this cardboard piece a really nice colored ribbon and end with a bow! Put the cardboard inside an envelope and that’s it! You have a really nice medieval invitation now….
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As testimonies you can have clay made cups with nice patterns on them and colored in interesting colors! The basic colors can be brown blended with yellow and black. Make sure that you have elements of nature drawn on them….

medieval wedding2

The next aspect regards the arrangements used in the salon. You can have barrels placed there and over them you can have some really long candles. The chairs can be made of metal or wood and the tables of black wood material. You can have some really nice colored flowers placed on the table, without vases or other stuff, simply put them there…. You can use candles too,place them between the flowers….

Let’s talk about about the menu a little bit. How does the medieval menu look like? Imagine wooden plates filled with cheese, salads, meat and vegetables all tied in little pieces…. As sweets you can have a fruit pie with pieces of fruits on top and in the middle place some beautiful flowers, simple and exquisite….

medieval wedding3

How can the wedding cake look medieval? Using many natural motifs, of course! You can have a four layered cake with many flowers on it. Place as many flowers as you can on it: all around each layer and on the final layer you can have a nice bouquet of daisies mixed with roses. Another model of cake is a white one that has branches on it and on top two pigeons! Pigeons can be encountered on the branches too….

medieval wedding4

When it comes to the gowns, you have so many topic from where you can inspire yourself that you just can’t imagine! We had so many topic regarding wedding dresses that had as motifs princesses or fairy tales and so on! The groom has himself some sources of inspiration and he can adopt a similar style to the dress you wear! Such a wedding isn’t difficult to obtain and it isn’t more expensive than others….