Ornaments and arrangements with spring theme

How does a spring wedding look like? Well it certainly denotes freshness and it involves so many elements that bring you with the idea of this wonderful season that seems to play with us and doesn’t want to come yet!

Today we’re going to present you some really nice things regarding this type of wedding and we start with the arrangements! For the spring wedding we recommend the basic color to be green.

ornaments and arrangements with spring theme

You can have a white table cover and on the middle of the table you can place a green sheet, make it a really nice green. On the sheet you can have numerous vases. These vases can be ultra dimensional and covered with green paper, similar to the sheet on the middle of the table.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
You should fill the vases with flowers, and when we say fill, we mean it! Put some nice looking roses in there in the same nuance! You can have the same nuance in one vase, but make a difference between this one and the next! We also recommend you to have over the table some green details, to freshen up the atmosphere more. The chairs may be also green and the plates that contain the sweet testimonies can be the same. You can have mini cakes as testimonies in green color!

We continue with other floral arrangements. You can have a cylindrical vase in which you can put fresh flowers, flowers that have just risen. Place them in that big transparent glass container without water and you’ll see how great it looks.

ornaments and arrangements with spring theme2

Another suggestion is to place on the napkins a small flower with green tonalities, in order to remember your guests what theme you’ve adopted.

Remember the suggestion above? The white table covers with the green section? And this time is similar. Place on the green area a nice, golden pot in a long format. You should put all kinds of flowers in this pot, no matter what colors and a colorful ribbon or scarf around. Make sure that the combination of colors is great and vivid! The atmosphere induced should be that of spring, remember? On each napkin placed in the plate you should put a flower, in the middle of the arranged napkin should be great.

ornaments and arrangements with spring theme3

How about an entire table cover in green nuance? It sounds great, doesn’t it? We feel in the same way! In the middle of this table you should have some vases extra filled with flowers, flowers of all colors! In every plate you can have also a green napkin with your testimonial placed there….

ornaments and arrangements with spring theme4

The “landscape” should be finished when you add some green plants in the salon, here and there! It’s a great idea to do this too! Imagine having a green wedding, how does it sound?