Sunflower theme for your wedding

Some of you may like a particular flower that much that you want to make it the central motif of your entire wedding. Well, this is the case for this article of ours, because we want to present you some motifs and details that have the basics inspired from a flower, and in this case we’re speaking about the sunflower.

Sunflowers look really nice and we totally recommend them for your wedding, if it takes place the summer season, because it adds extra effect to your ceremony and this flower’s colors make it really special and interesting. In the lines to come we’re going to speak about such motifs and details, which are really great looking.

sunflower theme for your wedding

So, we start with the flower arrangements. These look interesting if they are combined with transparent glass and not only. You can also blend these with rubble and really great looking small rocks. All of these are nice looking elements and we’re sure that you’re going to love the final result. Besides the transparent container and the rocks you can also mix these flowers with sand or even black mud or different other green plants.
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We continue with the invitations. How about some invitations which have as central motif the sunflower? Well, this sounds pretty nice and we’re sure that you’re going to feel pretty tempted to apply for it. The idea is this one: take a cardboard and normal invitation that has as main motif the sunflower, one sunflower placed on it and you may apply also for an interesting writing for extra effect.

Another idea is to make your table cards with this basic motif and place them on the table. a nice combination of colors would definitely be the sunflower’s colors: black, yellow with white or whatever background color you may want to apply for.

Some other ideas that concern the sunflower as main theme for your wedding day? Well, there are other more left, of course and you definitely have to take these into account…. You can apply for different wedding favor boxes and on top of these you may apply for using a sunflower flower as motif. This is quite an interesting blending of elements and we’re sure that you like it as much as we do.

Another great idea would be to use the sunflower as main idea for your wedding cake. Think of a white cake that has many sunflower details on it. It looks pretty nice and it would look nicer with one flower on top.

The last element concerns the usage of a single flower of sunflower that needs to be placed on your guest’s plate together with the napkin!