Hippie wedding

A wedding is an event that you should remember for the rest of your life, so, when it comes to planning it you do not have to limit yourself to something traditional. You must not feel restraint, but you should feel free to reveal your personality. If you are a real rebel, a hippie, it will be more than just appropriate to introduce flower-power elements in the theme of your wedding.
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The first step in doing so consists in choosing the wedding dress. You can easily find a vintage store that sells dresses from the 60s or early 70s. These dresses can be successfully transformed to wedding gowns. Another good possibility would be work with a seamstress.

hippie wedding

In this way you can create your own hippie dress. The process if pretty simple, in fact, and it can even be done by you, if you have some skills. All you have to do is buy a white, simple cotton dress that resembles the 60s’ style and add some hippie inspired accessories to it.

Once you have decided to go for the hippie theme, you have to go all the way and walk barefoot. Furthermore, you could have your bridesmaid wearing baggy jeans that come in different colors. After all, the hippie style is all about colors. Your guests should adopt the same trend, so you could recommend them a few vintage stores that sell costumes from the 60s and the 70s.

hippie wedding 2

Should you want to go beyond all boundaries, both you and your groom could wear jeans and have the best men shirtless, with only some vintage vests on and some chains and medallions as accessories. As for the wedding bouquet it can be composed of wild flowers. Actually, wild flowers also look nice in the bride’s hair and it fits the theme of the wedding like a glove.

hippie wedding 3

Another thing that you should consider is the décor and since it is a hippie wedding then you must not disregard the peace-symbols. The decorations must also include as many flowers as possible that come in a diversity of colors. It is recommended to host the wedding party in an outdoor environment and play the music of the 60s and the 70s until dawn.

The hippie theme is very generous, and it allows you to do almost anything with your décor and outfits, but you must not forget that this is a wedding, after all, and you are there to celebrate your union and not the 60s, so, a thing to remember is to not exaggerate with the details.