Details used in summer wedding themes

As we’ve mentioned and repeated in several of our reviews, in most of the weddings that take place nowadays you’re most common to observe how couples use different wedding themes. Of course, some of the wedding themes that they take into account may derive from all the elements and details used in the wedding and this doesn’t exactly mean that they’ve considered a wedding theme – things just correlated perfectly!

For summer wedding themes you’re most common to observe the use of the following elements: lots of flowers, fruits, colors, grass, thin fabrics, blue details, ocean or sea elements and that’s about all, but you can use your imagination as well and develop your own summer wedding theme.

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Summer wedding theme

Summer wedding themes involve a wedding that usually takes place in open air! You’re able to observe lights used in open air and we sincerely recommend you to take your wedding in your backyard or in your own garden if you want to apply for such a wedding theme.
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Sunflowers can be used with ease for a summer wedding theme and you can arrange such flowers in the bridal bouquets or even in the wedding reception flowers.

As for the dresses used – well, certainly you have a general idea: for summer wedding themes you’re able to observe the bridesmaids dressed in short dresses made in bright tones and the bride will wear an informal bridal gown, which is made of thin fabric and really soft and comfortable in the same time.

The wedding invitations for summer wedding themes are used with sand theme or with different blue details that recall of sun and sand.

So, we were mentioning the fact that a summer wedding theme will most common be all about colors and lots of flowers. Of course! Apply for as colored flowers as you possibly can in the wedding flowers and an interesting idea would be to make the bridesmaids wear the same color of shoes, which is of course made in a bright tone, but taken from the bridal bouquet.

The wedding cake used in the summer wedding theme will most common have a flower detail on top and it’s used instead of the classical wedding cake topper. Make sure that the flowers used in the wedding cake are made in bright tones and the final visual effect will certainly be stunning.

details used in summer wedding themesSource
Summer wedding theme

The wedding flowers for a ceremony with such a theme are made in combination with flowers and fruits and this means extra colors!

And let’s not forget: use thin and soft fabrics in the bridesmaid dresses or in the bridal gown if you want everyone to feel comfortable in your summer wedding theme.