Colors and weddings

We can’t conceive weddings without colors, like a bride can’t be conceived without his groom. In organizing a wedding, all the aspects that are related to chromatic and decorations should be coordinated and arranged in order to obtain a certain visual harmony that will offer your wedding a plus of elegance.

A certain theme has different options of decorations and it stands more liberty when it comes to organizing the wedding and the result is definitely spectacular. So, depending on the theme you choose, you can apply for a chromatic palette that is going to be limited in three or four colors.

Also, if the theme of the wedding is the color then we change with the pieces of advice that we offer. It’s hard to make up your mind on choosing the colors and you have to give it to a specialist in decorations, because combining three-five colors and coordinating them with the decorations and flower arrangements isn’t that hard when it comes to a person that is into colors.

colors and weddings

Choosing the restaurant and the colors…. It’s well known that the hardest parts in organizing a wedding is choosing the right restaurant and this is why if you prefer a certain color you have to see if that in that location is possible to blend your ideas. If the chairs can be dressed in coverts and the tables can be ornamented, the same thing can’t be done with the walls of the place.
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We all know that in most of the cases with a certain restaurant which was available at the needed time, this is why we advice you not to get discouraged. In what concerns the chromatic of your wedding the key word is adapting- keep in mind the aspect of the salon and blend your chromatic preferences even after you’ve received your hints. In case the location that you’ve chosen is painted in pink you can play with different tones of purple and you can give birth to a romantic inspiration.

If the only salon that you found available was blue and you wanted white or gold, don’t forget that blue is an imperial color. Add yellow accents, orange and white and you’re going to have a décor that is just meant for a queen.

In the moment you’ve chosen the colors of the wedding you have to think of the decorations, the flower arrangements, the dresses of the bridesmaids and don’t forget about your accessories as well.

colors and weddings 2

The invitations are really interesting if you make these joyful and with a lot of pastels on them. These can be the basic stuff when it comes to a summer wedding. Get inspired from the elements that you see daily around you. In this season nature has a new form of life. Don’t go in the other extreme, in which the invitation is charged. Base yourself on lines, wavy shapes and lines in order to make your invitation welcoming.