Wedding with marine theme 3

We promised some new examples regarding the wedding with the marine theme and we’re back in our attempt of helping you and hoping that you organize a perfect ceremony.

The first suggestion is for the table cards. These are made of normal cardboard and we recommend white nuance for them. Adopt a square shape with a marine motif, like a shell or a sea star.

wedding with marine theme

Another great idea for these cards is to make them in shape of a star or a clam. Make sure that you apply some blue here and there and a little bit of glitter won’t do harm to anyone! Besides the basic table card you can have another one with your testimonials as a token of appreciation that all the guests attended your beautiful festivity!
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
We continue with a nice ornament made of sticks, make it a light brown nuance and create a perfect cylindrical container. Wrap around it a brown string and on this string you can place a clam or a shell and also attach a picture of you two. These ornaments can be placed on the tables where your guests will sit or on the tables placed here and there with other beautiful arrangements. Or, you can put these near the cake….

So how should your tables look like? Have you ever thought of making your wedding under the open air? You can have big square tables covered with a white cover and on the center of this table there should be an orange or sandy color cover and on this you can put here and there some clams and sea stars! This idea seems divine from our point of view and we hope that you consider it in the same way. As for the chairs we recommend pure simplicity, these can be made of wood with a white seat and no details added!

wedding with marine theme2

The plates should be also white and you can put on the handkerchief a detail resembling to algae. The floral arrangements should be in lively colors that remind of green and red algae. You can apply for orange daisies with orange lilies and some green leaves here and there!

Another great arrangement consists of big cylindrical glass containers which have on the inside a white candles and underneath the candle you can put some clams and shells! This will create an exquisite look and you can be sure that the visual effect is interesting. You can apply also for covering a round chair with a white and blue cover made of satin or silk. Place the chair on a table and put these ornaments on top! You may also need some light to highlight your idea better. Good luck in realizing this great looking ornament!

wedding with marine theme3

So here are some other examples and suggestions you may consider. If you don’t like these ones you can be sure that the future hints will enchant you. You’re free to give us some hints and tell us what you’re interested of and you can be sure that we will bring you the information and advice needed! So we promise to continue this topic….