Spring wedding

As you can see the spring is approaching step by step and you can feel how the nature revives little by little! Birds singing and the trees that will become greener soon, these are only some of the aspects regarding spring! Wouldn’t you want a wedding that has as theme the spring season? Well it’s not a hard thing to realize! Read attentively these lines and you’ll see that it isn’t a thing hard to realize and that it also looks great!

spring wedding

We’ll start with the invitations! You can have spring theme invitations in a very simple way: a white cardboard normal invitation that has some birds on it and also flowers, after all these elements are basic when you think of spring. You can adopt a nice type writing in red color or green, because green is a symbol of freshness!
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Inside the envelope you place the invitation you can put a snowdrop flower that highlights clearly the idea of spring…. You can have also two birds “face to face” placed on the same tree branch! This image will bring the idea of love and union! It’s ideal to be used on a wedding invitation….

spring wedding2

When it comes to the floral arrangements, they should be made from flowers that usually appear in this season, but you can put grass on the table in order to bring the idea of revival of nature! You can have also a glass transparent jar filled with grass or mushrooms! The last idea doesn’t sound that tempting, but it’s definitely original! You can place a clay flower pot with green plants in it!

This pot can be also used as a wedding testimony together with a cardboard piece that illustrates your deepest thoughts regarding this special day! You can have a little vase also, filled with beautiful colored flowers and on this petite vase you can put a candle! It offers the entire image a great aspect!

spring wedding3

The bride’s bouquet can be made from the freshest flowers possible. just imagine how her bouquet smells, it’s like a fresh spring breeze! You can have different types of flowers combined in the same bouquet, just make sure that it’s rich and blends lively colors with green!

The wedding cake can also look spring like too! It can have some green applications on it, flowers or two birds that kiss each other on the final layer! You can also have a white cake made of chocolate or marzipan in how many layers you want and around each layer place some mushrooms made of candy! This idea is so playful and the cake looks divine and it totally inspires the idea of spring!

spring wedding4

The last aspect we want to talk about is the pillow on which you place the wedding rings! This pillow has to be definitely green and made from material that imitates grass! In fact it has to look like a large pillow covered with grass and flowers! Wrap around it a string on which you may place the two rings!