October wedding themes

If we’re speaking about October wedding themes then we’re referring clearly to fall wedding themes. In many of our articles we’ve shared with you some interesting ideas and details concerning such a wedding and we’re certain that you’re going to love these ones as well.

First of all, you know that fall wedding themes have at their basis only warm color tones and nuances and if you want to apply only for a color for the big day, then this means that you have to clearly take into account using several tones of that particular color. So let’s review what colors are specific for this particular theme?

October wedding themes

Well, you can apply for orange and different tones of this color, next you can definitely take into account the brown color that can be used neatly and yellow or gold as well as purple. These are the colors that we suggest to you and you can use them in all the flower arrangements, pieces of décor and ornaments. Well, we’re certain that this sounds pretty interesting and we’ve still got remained more than a month if we’re speaking of such themes.
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Ok, the next details that you have to take into account relate to the details and the elements for which you can apply for in case you decide whenever we’re speaking of October wedding themes. So, hurry up with adding extra elements and details in case you can’t found these in all the lists that we’ve suggested up to this moment….

So, the pumpkin remains a universal theme and we’re certain that you find it interesting in the same time. here’s the case- you can definitely apply for small little pumpkins or imitation s which can be used in the wedding day and most of all, we’re certain that the wedding favors area remains in top whenever we’re speaking of such themes and details. Here’s the case- you adopt them in different formats- made of wax or simply think of sweets and candy that take this shape. There’s also the case of leaves and they’re kind of interesting as well, because you can use them as candles, wedding favors as candles and such details that are similar, like leaves made of plastic or something like that.

October wedding themes 2

No more to say! We’re sure that you’re going to end up with the right solutions whenever we’re speaking of October wedding themes and wedding favors.

There’s also the wedding cake that you have to consider taking into account- apply for pumpkin motives and something similar, like the leaves we’ve just mentioned about. If you take them into consideration you won’t fail in your fall wedding theme. Be sure that we’re going to share some other neat solutions and tips in the future time and you’re not going to regret reading these….