Silver theme for your wedding

So, we’ve been mentioning about blue and gold weddings…. But how about a wedding that has as main theme the silver tone? We consider this one really great looking and gorgeous to apply for in the wedding day: it denotes refinement, but in the same time it’s really cold and you should think whether to use it or not in the wedding day.

First of all, we would like to mention about the fact that we consider this tone to be appropriate for a winter wedding, due to the help that you can get from the external “forces”. Let’s cut the chit chat and mention exactly where can you use this theme exactly, shall we?

Well, first of all you can use it on the dress that you’re wearing. Not only is it nice to use as a main tone for your wedding dress, but also it’s a great color to use in the details and embroidery used on the bridal gown. Ok, this is the first aspect!

silver theme for your wedding

Let’s continue with the fact that not only the bride can wear something silver in her wedding day, but the groom can do it also. So, he can wear a suit that is made in gray tone or even silver and you remain with the classical white dress, because sometimes what’s too much is a spoiling thing!
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The pieces of jewelry that you wear as a bride can be definitely combined with a nice looking dress in a classical model and color, or non color as you may call it. and we didn’t mention the color in which the pieces of jewelry can be, these are definitely in silver and made of silver or of white gold, it doesn’t matter, the only thing that matters is that these are made in this tone.

Ok, we jump to the other side and now that we were speaking about accessories we can also complete the fact that if the groom decides to apply for a classical suit he can always add an extra piece of imagination with the help of a silver tie.

The bouquet is also important. Not only can you add to it a silver detail here and there with the help of a silver ribbon or sparkling details in the flower buds, but you can also make it in such a manner that it looks precious and good looking in the same time and on top of all- silver.

The other details should be also taken into account, like the invitations that can be made in white and silver or the flower arrangements and pieces of décor that can have glittery details on and this will definitely create a nice visual effect.