Arabian wedding 2

The music that they’re going to be listening is Arabian or Islamic. The women attending have the occasion of being painted on the legs and hands by an old woman who knows what she’s doing, and this is realized with the help of henna, this is where the name comes from.

arabian wedding 2

The great party starts the next day. In some places the rituals are very similar to the European ones. They are accompanied by cheerful people that are sitting in cars, which are adorned with ribbons and flowers in a sound of horns they leave the parental home behind.

The groom receives the bride home. After this the bride is brought to a salon where the party takes place and she’s asked to stay on a couch next to the groom. The two of them are invited to occupy a special place as if they’re queen and king.

arabian wedding 2 2

In what concerns the clothing of the bride, she’s wearing a wedding dress that has very interesting details on it, and it’s adorned with all kinds of stuff and jewelry, extravagant makeup, and the legs and hands are tattooed with henna. The wedding takes place in songs and dances and the table is full of good foods.

When the party happens to be cheerful enough the bride and groom leave it, saying goodbye to the guests and passing their first night as husband and wife.

You must have observed just how colored and adorned the bride’s gowns are and let’s also add that they look in a special manner as well…. they’re adorned with all kinds of details and also let’s mention that the makeup style is really special and you can definitely be certain that the arabian brides are beautiful and really gorgeous looking. Think of their emphasized eyes and how these look….

arabian wedding 2 3

Think that they’re really special looking in comparison with any other religion and customs and this is definitely an interesting aspect related to the religions and the traditions. We know just how different we are in what concerns the traditions and what we usually do when it comes to weddings, but we can’t imagine that in some details we’re that different.
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Like, in the ritual with henna, we can’t recall any other civilization that has such a custom and we’re totally amazed by this “party” and all the details surrounding it. We promise to bring you in the future time some other details concerning different civilizations and the way in which they organize weddings and what traditions are surrounding every wedding ceremony. Sounds pretty nice doesn’t it?