First, look for the right venue. A Victorian-style one would be peachy keen, but in actuality, things had lightened up a little. The extreme darkness and complexity of Victorian interiors was starting to give way to slightly lighter, airier environments, although ceiling details and moldings were still prized.Props for a Titanic wedding would be expensive to buy, but perhaps you can rent some from a local “prop shop.” Another nice touch would be a large wood and brass nautical steering wheel you could lean against the head table, and twine with a little ivy or a few floral accents.

A large anchor or two would also help set the scene. Consider renting some tall ferns for the corners. Although it was the Edwardian age, people hadn’t lost their mad passion for ferns.

Even reproduction Titanic dishware costs a mint, but study the pattern, and see if you can’t find something similar (Gold-rimmed, for instance). Unlike Titanic-ware, most old porcelain sets go for a song these days. And the Titanic was all about details. For example, if you cut your butter into star shapes like the Titanic staff did, and place it on a butter dish reminiscent of the grand old ship, you’re very close to home.

It’s quite the conversation piece — and if you were to have an ice sculpture of the Titanic at your Titanic-theme wedding, you wouldn’t be the first.

When it’s time for the speeches at your reception, be sure to raise or clap a large Captains Bell. And finally, for a little extra fun, you could set up an elaborate Titanic backdrop (you can find these printed and ready to ship) for photo ops throughout the night.