Wedding with musical theme

And speaking about weddings with musical theme we would like to continue with this topic and offer to you some other suggestions that concern organizing a wedding and stuff like that- but we’re not speaking of any wedding, it’s one with musical inspiration.

Every detail of your wedding can show the chosen theme, without too many headaches. You can even find out in front of you the element that you’re going to choose.

Be ingenious and create models and details as we suggested to you.

wedding with musical theme

What you can do with a vinyl disk or a candy container or even with a small bunch of flowers? A flower arrangement that is really original and very easy to realize.
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Don’t cut the strains too short, in order to get to the water in the bowl and resist on the entire duration of the party.

If you succeed to find mini-disks, the arrangements can be placed between the spots where two guests are standing.

wedding with musical theme 2

You should be based on this decoration as the main piece of the table.

If you don’t find between the books of musical education from the first years of school some sheets that contain musical scores you can take models from the internet as well.

Take out multiple paper sheets, no matter what size they have, and stick them with glue or double band from a support-box or metallic one.

If you don’t want the box to be opened, cut out in the middle of the superior side a space through which the guests should introduce the envelopes.

Be careful not to glue the superior side, in order to unwrap it easy, easy…. The color of the musical scores doesn’t matter, but even the ones white-black are going to be popular as well.

Here’s a very simple mode in which you’re going to surprise your guests with your originality and to confer your wedding a special air.

wedding with musical theme 3

It’s very important to freshen up the atmosphere with fruits or vegetables that are lively colored and that take certain shapes. For example, from a simple avocado you can represent an instrument that has Greek origin, a bouzouki.

For this matter, you need only thin strings, two sticks for Chinese food, a knife and to be very handy in the same time. Cut the fruit in two symmetrical pieces, but maintain the pip in order to make this accessory look vivid and very similar looking to the original one.

The main idea is that when you choose a particular theme for your wedding you have to make the elements accordingly to it and you have to them down to the tiniest detail.