Canva Wedding Invitation Template

10 Amazing Canva Wedding Invitation Templates

Scrolling through Pinterest or the biggest wedding blogs used to be the top notch way to snag your best wedding inspo. But now, there are so many ways to DIY your own bits and pieces for the wedding. When it comes to the must-have stationary pieces, it’s easier and more personalized to just do it on your own. Thankfully, there are sites like Canva that make it possible, affordable, and stress-free for veterans and novice users alike. 

All you have to do is hop on, create an account (there are tons of amazing options even if you go the free route), and get to sifting through hundreds of designs with instant accessibility. We went ahead and did a bit of homework to find some of the most gorgeous and the most on trend wedding invitation templates. That compilation is below and keep in mind, each and every design is customizable to fit your words, your colors, and your overall vision!

Green Rusticism 

Green Rusticism Canva Wedding Invitation Template

Simple, on-trend, and a minimalistic bride’s dream, this green and slightly rustic template is a beautiful choice for your spring wedding. Of course, the words and colors are customizable but just the sample is giving us timeless vibes and quality. 

Pink & Mauve Romance

Pink & Mauve Romance Canva Wedding Invitation Template

Our Pink & Mauve Romance find screams fall celebration. We love the artistic quality and its youthful appeal as well. Also notice the shape of this invitation as it’s square instead of the traditional card length. 

Blushing Roses

Blushing Roses Canva Wedding Invitation Template

Blushing roses is an absolute stunner. We love the color combination and we love how feminine the entire piece is. It’s mixing floral with watercolor to create the perfect fairy-tale, memorable invite. 

Simple Botanical

Simple Botanical Canva Wedding Invitation Template

Here’s another minimalistic invitation that we find to be rather chic and sophisticated. Of course, you can add more elements into the design if you so choose while customizing – but the subtle black and cream layout is rather poised. 

Gatsby Inspired

Gatsby Inspired Canva Wedding Invitation Template

For those that are looking for an Old Hollywood or vintage feel with an avant-garde twist – this is your template. We call it “Gatsby Inspired” because we know Jay Gatsby himself would easily have picked this golden beauty out with those nods to his beloved Daisy. 

Muted Tropics

Muted Tropics Canva Wedding Invitation Template

This template has the best of both worlds seamlessly intertwined. There’s the tropical vibe that is perfect for a destination wedding but with the gorgeous, muted shades that are trending all over the wedding world. 

Blue & Pink Abstract

Blue & Pink Abstract Canva Wedding Invitation Template

For a whimsical vision, you may want to stop by this abstract design. Again, it’s customizable to your liking but we love the blue, pink, and golden trio of storybook tones. 

Golden Modernity 

Golden Modernity Canva Wedding Invitation Template

Here’s another chic and timeless template to play around with. It’s perfect for the sophisticated couple who is looking to create a modern, elegant celebration – and this is the perfect start! 

Rustic Romantics

Rustic Romantics Canva Wedding Invitation Template

How sweet is this perfect little invitation? We are loving how this template gives off a very youthful and carefree personality – but keep in mind you can change the elements out to fit your vision.

Colorful Spring

Colorful Spring Canva Wedding Invitation Template

And finally, we leave off with this colorful, springtime template. We love the vibrancy, we love the celebratory quality, and we love the strong colors that are coming to play within the floral border.