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Top 5 Things To Look For In a Wedding Invitation Suite

KansasCity_Set wedding invitation


1.  What Cards Are Available In Your Chosen Wedding Invitation Suite

As you start planning your wedding you will want to consider which events in your wedding will require stationery.  If you need a wedding dinner menu as well as a wedding program but the invitation suite you are looking at does not offer them that could be a real deal breaker.

2. Quality Of The Cards

 – Paper Quality

Not everyone is a paper expert but anyone can the difference between a flimsy piece of paper and a think cardstock.  The best way to see the quality of company’s products is to ask for a sample. Any reputable stationery company will offer generic samples so customer can see the paper and print quality of their products.  So don’t hesitate to request samples from multiple companies to make sure your will be getting the quality you are expecting.

– Print Quality

A company may have a high quality paper but may not specialize in the type of printing that you need.  Just like with paper quality ordering a sample can help with this as well.  For example if you are looking to have a photo printed on your invites request a sample of the photo wedding invitations so you can see how clearly the photo will print.

3. Customization Options

A wedding is a big deal and being able to personalize your invitations so that they match your wedding colors and style is important.  Many vendors will only give you the option of 2 or 3 different color choices per card.  Don’t settle for these limited color options unless one of them just so happens to fit your wedding theme perfectly.

Another personalization that can make a big difference in the look and feel of your invitations is the use of different fonts.  Make sure and find a wedding invitation company that gives you the options of selecting your fonts.

4. What Accessories Are Available

The old saying that the little things make all the difference is just a true when it comes to wedding stationery.  Adding little accessories to and otherwise plain wedding invite can take that invite from nothing special to breath taking. The use of a bellyband and monogram seal to add some color as well as something a little unique can really make your wedding invitations memorable.  So it is important to see what additional accessories a vendor may offer in case you decide you want to do something a little extra.

5. Turn Around Time

A wedding is very time sensitive so keeping that in mind you will want to make sure you know the turn around time of each vendor.   There would be nothing worse than taking weeks to create the perfect invites to find out that there is a 3-week turn around time on the invites that you need in the next 7 days.  On average most custom stationery companies take about 5-7 business days to deliver an order to your door.  Normally it will take 3-5 business days to create your cards and then another 2- 3 business days to have them shipped to a customer’s home.

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