Our Favorite 2014 Wedding Stationery Trends!


What better way to set the stage for your wedding than through your invitations? We worked with the experts from Golden Silhouette and FineStationery.com to bring you the top trends in invitations and stationery that will have your guests filled with anticipation for your big day!

1. Metallic Invitations

Golden Silhouette
Golden Silhouette


Bling is in, especially with wedding invitations.  Shimmering gold and sparkly silver have made a comeback, with Gatsby-era glam.  From foil-pressed artwork to metallic calligraphy, the design options are nearly endless.

2. Acrylic Invitations 

One of the latest and greatest wedding invitation trends is acrylic! Silkscreen printed with color or white ink, these lovely invites are perfect to set the tone for your elegant event.

3. Pocket Invitations

If you love to keep things brilliantly organized, the pocket invitation is perfect for you! This is a great choice for your event because the wedding stationery is held in one place. When opened, the pocket reveals all of the important “must-haves,” including the response card, reception card and directions to ensure your guests arrive without a hitch!

Golden Silhouette
Golden Silhouette

4. Theme Invitations

If you are utterly smitten with your wedding style and want to show it off, choose a themed invitation to match your décor inspiration. From countryside chic to majestic metropolitan, there are hundreds of trendy wedding invitations to perfectly complete the look you want.

5. Embellished Invitations

For the ultimate fashion forward or design-oriented bride, look no further than detailed, embellished invitations. From timeless patterns and posh color palettes to eye-catching Swarovski crystals, these handcrafted elements will have your guests swooning over your swanky invitations!

Invitations offer your guests a memorable introduction to your Big Day and this year’s stationery trends ensure that you will do just that!

Golden Silhouette
Golden Silhouette


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