Expensive wedding invitations

Choosing the wedding invitations can be more difficult than you think. Wedding invitation sets the tone, so you need to make sure you choose the best option. And your choice does not need to be confined only to its appearance, but also to its contents. An expensive wedding invitation is the proof of a truly laborious and unforgettable wedding. Here are some things you definitely do not know about how they may be worth and also some tips about how to give your guests the impression of expensive, but to fit into a budget.

If you did not found out the statistics on the average amount reserved for a wedding abroad, we tell you one: people are willing to give $ 30,000 for this event. Moreover, this survey refers to ordinary weddings, every day. But how would it be for you to pay such a special attention to the most important day of your life, that you have no limit on the budget and reading in the final the seven zeros at the total cost?

The most expensive wedding in history is named after Lakshmi Mittal, who is the third person on the list of the richest people in the world. His daughter wedding, Vanisha, which took place in 2004, was an event of great scale. And the first clue that proofed this, were exactly the expensive wedding invitations!

Mittal family invitations were not just simple cardboard cards. Each of these has included 20 pages inscribed with verses written by the very family members. What really made the distinction from other invitations was that all files were framed in silver. And the wedding guests were “only” 1,200 in total! Do not try to make the calculation, because it exceeds all expectations. Just remember that the total costs of the entire event amounted to 70 million dollars.

Of course, the invitations printed on canvas are more expensive than those printed on regular paper. But the expensive wedding invitations truly reflect refinement, so desirable for any wedding invitation. So if you’ve want to do something really special, counting the first option for a spectacular effect is safe and guaranteed.

Printing invitations can be done in two ways: engraving them or with thermography. This difference will have a huge impact on your budget. Although both of them look similar, engraving requires a much longer and also higher costs. The difference is that the version of printed invitations on thermographic paper does not also mean relief etching.

Choose the wedding invitations that suit best your wedding, or your wedding theme and do not forget that expensive invitations give the feeling of uniqueness, refinement, elegance and they also make your guests understand the fact that they are participating at a fabulous event.