Wedding reception colors inspired by seasons

Colors are an essential part of our life and in most of the cases they inspire the way in which we feel and our moods. You probably have heard about the different studies on colors, how colors influence our state and a particular way of being dressed, as well. Also, there isn’t a universal color that influences your happiness and joy, it depends form person to person. This is why, in your bridal day, you have to agree with your partner and see what colors inspire your moods and how these make you feel. We have a general idea on the colors which inspire your happy way of being and they are in general bright ones – these are the tones that denote happiness, beauty and life. The same matter is for the wedding themes and the way in which a wedding looks in general.
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Depending on the colors you pick, your wedding is going to look in a particular way and you are going to transmit a certain vibe. Of course, there will be opinions and opinions – some people may not like the choice made and in the same time there are some that appreciate the color combinations that you have picked.

The table cloths, the chair wraps, as well as the wedding flower arrangements are the main elements that change the aspect of a wedding reception entirely sometimes.

Getting back to wedding themes and the fact that some of you may not know where to start from, we have an interesting solution that can turn out to be indeed interesting: turn your eyes towards Mother Nature and you will see that the seasons can be good starting point for a wedding reception and how to make it look.

Let’s start with summer, shall we?

Look in the marker stalls and see how many colors does this part of life has to offer to you. Observe all the fruits and vegetables and their colors can turn out to be interesting starting point for a wedding reception theme. We were thinking of the green of cucumbers combined with the strong red of tomatoes. Also, summer is the season of colored flowers, not only of fruits and vegetables – exploit it!

Summer has also another source of inspiration: the sea with all its elements. Organize your wedding reception accordingly to elements of the sea, like sand; add shells or sea horses and you will observe that the final visual effect is indeed astonishing.

Organize your bridal day accordingly to the fall season!

This is the season in which more and more couples tend to organize their wedding and we seem to understand why: the weather with its warmth is what permits you, as well as the fact that it means the ending of a cycle, as your wedding is a symbol of ending a cycle and starting another life.

The fact that leaves change their colors, this is only the beginning…. Take the colors of the dried leaves, the color of the earth or that of pumpkins. Also, don’t rely only on these tones, because they might seem dull for some of the people attending your wedding, we were thinking of combining these colors with some that inspire life and happiness, such as pale pink or lemon yellow or even lavender. Also, a nice combination would be with white or grey!

Don’t see the choice made for the wedding colors as something impossible, as you can see, with only a glimpse around there will be an interesting look created!

So, make up your mind on what colors from which season you would like to see in the bridal day and place them on a sheet of paper, not forgetting to discuss with your partner of this matter.

Continue with thinking of the winter season

wedding reception colors inspired by seasonsCredit
Wedding reception colors inspired by seasons

We know that there are few people who decide to take their wedding during this harsh season, but those who see its beauty and are keen of it, and then we don’t see why they should not take our pieces of advice into account.

If you think of ice or snow, these can certainly be inspiring and a white line or one with cream or silver seems interesting as well. Think of the warmth offered by a cup of wine in front of the chimney, this is certainly a nice source of inspiration, don’t you think so? Red combined with white seems a nice combination and it’s inspired by this season.

Then there’s always the spring season

wedding reception colors inspired by seasonsCredit
Wedding reception colors inspired by seasons

During this period, there are many wedding receptions that take place, due to the fact that the warm temperatures are the ones that permit people to do so.

Spring can be considered the season in which flowers are specific and starting from this premise, you can get your inspiration from their colors – this means that you can combine a multitude of colors and end up with an interesting visual effect.