Wedding with marine theme 5

We continue our series of wedding elements with the marine theme. This time we’re going to take into consideration stuff like invitations, bouquets and other ornaments…. So open your eyes wide and pay attention….

The basic tone for these types of invitations is white or ivory with a touch of blue here and there. You can have an ivory invitation in cardboard with a blue pattern and with stars drawings. Or you can apply for a simple white invitation with a blue strap and on that strap you can place a silvery sea star together with a white delicate ribbon. There are also those invitations that imitate beach shoes or fish: normal cardboard invitations cut in that shape.

The bouquet should definitely be in white and blue. You can apply for white peonies with small forget-me-nots, or for a bouquet made entirely of stars, clams and shells. Yes, you can have such a bouquet with these great elements mixed and you’ll obtain a nice visual effect. There’s also a nice bouquet with white and red flowers and at the basis you may wrap around a shiny white ribbon and you’ll see how great it looks.

wedding with marine theme 52

The table cards can be placed on supports that have as a basic motif the beach shoes really funny colored. You can have also a nice ornament with combining white flowers with clams and shells and some nets! There’s also a nice accessory made under the shape of a ship in white and blue which holds the table card made of cardboard!

wedding with marine theme 53

You can have also some nice candles placed in the interior of clams! Although petite, these arrangements look really great and confer a great ambiance. There are also the classical small candles that have on the top some clams and sea stars exactly where the string pierces through!

wedding with marine theme 54

We end with some models of cakes. We imagine you’ve already made an idea regarding the wedding sweets with this theme: different elements from the sea applied on the exterior side of the cake….

wedding with marine theme 55

You can have a blue cake with clams, shells and stars of the sea…. the effect will be guaranteed if you apply some algae made of sweet ingredients around the cake…. You can have also a normal cake with drawings around and on it! There shouldn’t be only imitations of those elements.