Music themes in weddings

An omnipresent element, one that is almost indispensable in such an event is music and it has a really important role, in creating the atmosphere and offering hints concerning the personality of the bride and groom and it has chosen thematic. Practically, the musical style and the type of interpretation depend on the entire party.

music themes in weddings

Being a vast domain, with influences that follow historical moments, fashion époques or the conflict between generations, music can be transposed really easily in such an event as a wedding thematic.

There are lots of modalities through which you can offer this theme, as general as it is, as full of particularities and styles that are almost contrasting in the same time.
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Practically you can choose to realize a coordination between the event and the musical theme of the wedding and then you can place flower arrangements and design elements with musical notes, vinyl disks or even musical instruments in case you want to recall of elements of the classical music.

music themes in weddings 2

If you want to apply for music themes for your wedding and personalize even more the event, decide over a certain musical style and choose the colors and decorations that are appropriate with these, no matter on how daring these can seem.

You have at your disposal a large range of options, from the célèbre disco, rock’n’roll, oldies, latino or pop currents to classical rock and classical music or even musicals or placing in scene different famous plays.

music themes in weddings 3

Another special theme can be choosing the style of a singer or a famous musician, like a wedding in style Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley- but these are only some main examples. The list can continue with the best choice, which is one that presents both of you as a couple.

The design of the wedding invitations can be extremely in coordination with the themes that you’ve applied for- if you want a classical wedding and elegant and simple lines you can place this style on the wedding invitations.

So, if you’ve chosen as theme classical music, you can accessorize the invitation with small musical instruments made of ceramics, lace, wood or paper. With some musical notes on scores you can transpose the invitations in the fascinating world of music.

If you choose a more personalized thematic, don’t be afraid if applying for daring elements that make your invitations with unique and special wedding elements.

If you want to share a musical style, place on the invitation some characteristics of that particular period or you can realize the wedding invitations under the format of opera tickets or to a concert to your favorite band’s show.