Red wedding 4

We’ve got some other suggestions left as elements for a wedding that has main theme the red color. We hope that you’ve enjoyed reading about the details suggested previously and it would be a pity not to. In this article we’ve got some cute things to present to you and we’re sure that you’re going to like them pretty much.

So, how about a cone shaped object that is filled with lollipops all around? this would be indeed an interesting idea and we’re sure that it’s a good idea that can serve as wedding favor. Think of red lollipops or some other nice looking ones in different shapes and so on. This is indeed a great idea and it would be a pity not to apply for it, because we didn’t observe it in any other wedding.

red wedding 4

Red cakes are also nice in red weddings as long as they have the right details on them. For instance, we’re going to suggest to you a three layered cake that is made in red color. This red cake has red patterns on it and you can observe white flower buds starting from the final layer of the cake down to the last one. Quite some nice looking details if we come to think of it!

red wedding 4 2

We continue with another great looking wedding cake and this time we’re speaking about a two layered cake that is really small and precious looking in the same time. This cake has small lines and thin in the same time on it. You can observe a white detail on one side of it and it’s combined with a big flower bud. These are really great looking details that we’re sure you’re going to like pretty much.

red wedding 4 3

Here’s how we continue our article with some nice looking wedding favors that are made of cardboard, but we’re sure that you’re going to like pretty much. These are made from red paper or cardboard and in one side you can observe a pocket in which there are placed some small flowers with white buds. On top of this envelope or small bag you can observe a “thank you” layer of cardboard and on top there’s a hook placed.

red wedding 4 4

Another thing that we need to mention about concerns another wedding favor that we have to suggest to you and that is going to be a useful suggestion for those who ran out of ideas.

red wedding 4 5

So, how about some ladybugs placed in a transparent plastic box? It sounds interesting doesn’t it? you can apply for placing two ladybugs in the container and at the basis of these two you can use some grass as well in order to obtain a nice visual effect. The two ladybugs are the two of you.