Planning Your Ideal Themed Wedding


Everybody loves a good wedding, and after the engagement period is over and you’ve decided to set a date thus begins the very serious task of planning you and your partner’s ideal wedding. More and more couples each year take to breaking conventions with throwing a themed wedding with traits of tradition mixed in. Themed weddings are also a great way for you and your partner to show off your own personalities and identities. Whichever theme you decide on, your big day will be something you, your partner and guests will never forget.

In Season

Once you have set a date for the big day, if you’re undecided on a theme why not stick to the time of year the date you’ve chosen falls under. As there are plenty of different ideas depending whether your wedding is in spring, summer, autumn or winter. If you have chosen a particular season then each season will have their own colour palate as well as in season foods that you can base your wedding and the setting, food  and everything else around, which saves you a lot of hassle you will only need to choose the smaller details of your big day.


When it comes to a vintage wedding theme the beauty is that there are so many decades to choose from. This year’s most popular decades being 1920’s Gatsby-eques party theme or a more refined make do and mend 50’s theme. With vintage weddings, setting is one of the key things to consider if you do go for a traditional Gatsby 1920’s theme then a hotel would be the perfect destination especially one with a grand staircase and chandeliers.

If you are considering a classic 1950’s theme think Jubilee street party style if you don’t want to brave the outdoors opt for a massive party tent to keep you, your partner and all your guests warm and dry. A party tent or even an outside setting for a 50’s theme can easily be decorated with lots of fairy lights and bun tin, to create the ultimate vintage look.


Some couples have chosen to have more entertainment based weddings which could include a casino or Las Vegas style wedding. Or if you and your significant other are looking for a more intimate ceremony you could even elope to Las Vegas and get married at one of the most popular wedding chapels located on the Vegas strip. If you end up eloping you can always surprise friends and family and have an official reception when you get back.

If you both want a more traditional wedding you could always have the reception decked out like a casino, as there are lots of classic table games that could be a part of the fun. To find inspiration why not try looking at games on best deal casinos,  as you could earn some winnings playing some games and put that money towards the wedding or the honeymoon. Little touches like creating personalised chips or playing cards with you and your partner details could be a great idea for wedding favours for your guests.


If you and your other half have a rather quirky style and have a favourite superhero why not try that as a theme? If you don’t want to go all out you can have subtle nods to the theme like having a bouquet made from comic book pages which will not only be an accessory but one that you get to keep forever and the groom could even have superhero cufflinks. As a favour to the guests, if you really wanted to splash out you could have your own comic book created and printed about you and your partner. There are plenty of ways to incorporate the theme in a big way through outfits, reception, setting, wedding favours, or you can have subtle ways like capes and disguises just for fun pictures with guests.

No matter what theme you and your other half choose, the best way to get ideas and inspiration is to search through wedding websites, magazines and even read about previous weddings with a similar theme. You will also be able to accommodate your budget to whichever theme you have decided on.