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Your mother was married in the 1970’s.  Where is her guest book?  It was most likely the traditional “book” and is now in a box, tucked away in the closet and not seen for years; fast forward to the 21st century.  When choosing a guest book, today’s brides have more options then those available in her mother’s generation and these alternative guest books are much more useful and decorative.

The most popular of these alternatives is having guests sign their name by different means on different materials.  The newest trend is pewter or sterling sliver serving trays into which guests actually engrave their names with a special non-mechanical pen.

Other alternatives include a signature frame, quilts or cloths, which guests can sign with a special marker; ceramic platters signed with a marker and then the platter is returned to the manufacturer for permanent glazing; or a picture of the bride and groom, or a piece of artwork, with guests signing the mat.

The new guest books can be displayed on a wall.  Or, if using the ceramic platter or pewter or sterling tray, they can also be displayed in a china cabinet and become a conversation piece when used for serving at parties and family gatherings.

When using a guest book alternative, the bride and groom are “creating their first family heirloom”, that can be handed down for generations.

Helpful Hint – Whether using the traditional guest book or one of the new alternatives to the wedding guest book, be sure it is present at the rehearsal dinner as well as the reception.  So often, after the wedding, the bridal party forgets to sign the guest book.  After their wedding duties and posing for pictures, they are ready to kick back at the reception, enjoying the food and libations.  The rehearsal dinner is a much more relaxed and less structured event.  The bride and groom have the time to make certain that all of the bridal party, as well as close relatives and friends attending the rehearsal dinner, have the opportunity to sign.

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