Planning a wedding with a theme

When one’s planning a wedding, there are all sorts of emotions, fears and expectations involved, like to admit it or not. We think that in order to overcome them you may choose a more special wedding that involves the use of a wedding theme. By planning a wedding with a wedding theme we think that one should begin dreaming about the wedding ceremony, how he or she sees it looking like, thinking over an over again about the details required….


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Planning a wedding with a theme

The first detail, when choosing this path is to decide which wedding theme is more appropriate to your lifestyle, way of being, personality and ideas. You have to play it smart, and to choose the wedding theme first, because this will give you a hint when it comes to making an option regarding the wedding dresses and gowns, the wedding menus, the wedding flowers, the wedding decorations and all the other items you find appropriate for being used in the wedding reception and not only!
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For instance, if you enjoy travelling, you can apply for such a wedding theme, that has this particular inspiration. Even if this you find this wedding theme to be more difficult to realize it is not impossible and the result could be a romantic travel wedding. Here are some helpful ideas: putting pictures with the spots that the bride and groom have visited on a huge projector, instead of giving numbers to the tables from the wedding reception, the bride and groom can name them after their favourite holiday destinations, the appetizers can take the shapes of countries and you can mix in them different types of aliments. An interesting idea would be to use vegetables and aliments in the wedding food and make flags with these pieces’ help.

Suitcases in miniature shapes can be used as wedding favors and we’re certain that you’re going to love this idea pretty much.

Another useful wedding theme is the butterfly; you’re able to observe the butterfly wedding being very popular among the romantic brides. There are so many interesting ways of using this theme. For example, you can use little butterflies that can be placed on the flower girl dress or the bridesmaid dress. Another “place” in which you can use this wedding theme detail is the hair, as hair accessory of course!

The wedding reception salon can be filled all around with butterfly details that can be placed on the curtains or in different spots of the place or you can use these in the wedding decorations. The last idea that you can apply for when it comes to a butterfly wedding theme, concerns the wedding accessories consisting in confetti, which can take shapes of butterflies – indeed a nice visual effect.