Wedding with calla theme 2

We promised to go further with the topic regarding the calla wedding theme. We’re back and we have some nice details to share with you!

The first detail that has as basic theme the calla is a nice looking wedding cake! A three layered cake in white nuance with sweet pearls here and there. On every side of each layer you can find a violet rose and a calla placed really nicely! We find this combination of roses and callas quite interesting!

wedding with calla theme 2

On the top layer you can find an entire bouquet made of calla and roses! We forgot to mention that the basis of each layer is surrounded by a pearl necklace made of sweet ingredients in ivory nuance!

wedding with calla theme 22

Should we continue with presenting other nice models of cakes? There’s also a four layered cake all in white! At the basis of every layer you can find a white ribbon made of shiny and sweet material. On every layer you can find a white calla and with a long and thin leaf resembling a grass thread. On the last layer you can find a nice calla bouquet made of three or four flowers! The flowers are also white like the cake and on the margins they are a little bit green.

wedding with calla theme 23

If we speak about callas we must mention about flower arrangements too. We thought of a floral ornament that consists of a big bouquet placed in a cubic vase. The vase can be made of silvery glass with white flowers! Interesting idea, isn’t it? And let’s not forget that you can place it in the middle of the tables in the salon! The effect is guaranteed…. This model can be applied to a cubic and transparent vase and with really colored threads of flowers….
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Or, you can have a bowl made of transparent glass, filled with water and place only three such threads in powerful colors! You can also put a plastic bumble bee there or even a butterfly! Play with colors and imagination, don’t forget! In the water placed in the bowl you can have also some grass threads that confer a fresh and vivid aspect!

wedding with calla theme 24

It’s important how you place these arrangements and most of all, where! Play with colors and imagination as mentioned before and you may obtain results that you may not even think of….