Wedding musical theme

Every little detail from your wedding can show the theme that you’ve applied for, without too many headaches. You can have in your front, the element that you need.

Be ingenious and create models as we’re going to suggest in the lines to come….

You can do on your own the wedding invitations that can have as main theme music, even if you’re not a talented person. You only need some semi transparent pieces of paper- their transparency is necessary- some thin lines of ink and a notebook with lines.

wedding musical theme

Place the semi transparent paper over the lines of the notebook to help you maintain the straight line. The musical notes don’t have to be perfect, through this fact you have to place your personal touch. Also, in the end you can personalize the envelope with some musical lines and patterns.
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The musical theme can be highlighted at your wedding through a particular genre. So, if you have predilection towards hippie music or you have a more bohemian style, with the help of some wraps or scarves that are multicolored you can replace the chair covers with these.

wedding musical theme 2

You can wrap in a V shape the scarves and you can place them on the margin of the chair, in one side or in both sides. Also, you can make this thing by attaching strings throughout the party saloon.

The main thing is to use your imagination and we’re certain that all the things exposed here up to this moment seem really interesting when it comes to a musical theme wedding.

Let’s also add that there are some other ideas that you can apply for and we’re certain that you definitely need to pay attention to all the things exposed here.

wedding musical theme 3

You have to think of your favorite songs throughout the time- from the moment in which you were little and up to this moment and make a list and place them on a CD or DVD. This is the main thing that you have to do! So, the next thing that we have to mention relates to the fact that you can adorn this CD or DVD with the help of a marker and simply draw whatever you feel like in that moment. This detail and object can be used as wedding favor and we’re certain that you’re going to apply for it, because it’s really easy to apply for and in the same time it’s a good solution if you don’t have a big amount of money to spend for the wedding favors.