Useful ideas for a summer wedding theme

Are you planning your wedding during the warmest season of them all? Well, it’s a great idea and we totally recommend you the idea of an open air reception. This ought to maintain your guests relaxed during the entire period in which the reception takes place. Here are some ideas especially designed for maintaining you inspired for the summer wedding theme that you might have thought of.
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If you think that you simply do not have ideas that ought to be helpful for your wedding reception, we definitely have some suggestions that will keep you interested and wedding planning is not going to seem this hard. All you need is some inspiration and using your imagination. For this matter, we have chosen to come with some ideas that are going to keep you on the move.

The wedding reception decorations

Using nature as a major source of inspiration is going to help you enrich the pieces of décor and the wedding flower arrangements. Apply for small miniatures and figurines, such as bumble bees or bees – these will make the décor look complete.

These elements should be taken into consideration, in the case in which your wedding reception takes place in an open air space, such as a garden or park.

useful ideas for a summer wedding themeCredit
Useful ideas for a summer wedding theme

There’s also the case in which you want to recreate the atmosphere of a marine wedding, for this matter think of using tones like blue marine or sand. Take into account blue table wraps combined with bamboo chairs. For a personal touch, naming each table as a place that makes you remember of a beloved spot of meeting – this will also make the difference. For instance, we were thinking of names, like “The Park” or “The Garden”.

The wedding flower arrangements

A great idea would be to make wedding flower arrangements from specific flowers to this season and you can attach some others, which are among your favorite ones. Also, there’s the idea of fruits, adding these to flowers as well. Fill tall and transparent vases with green apples or limes and add flowers on the top side.

Use vintage vases if you want a more special look for your wedding flower arrangements and for the reception entirely.

As for the colors that we suggest you to take into account, we were thinking of wedding flower arrangements and centerpieces that are made in colors like pale pink or even peach or strong pink.

The wedding menu should be also taken into consideration for a summer wedding theme

The food that you serve your guests should be light and they do not have to be stuffed with what you are serving!

A great idea would be to serve the wedding guests some cocktails that have your own recipe, such as a martini in a tropical look or lemonade served in big containers or even vases…. Also, don’t forget the ice – it’s essential!

Getting back to food, make sure that you do not serve consistent meals to your guests in the wedding reception. In what concerns the wedding cake, we were thinking you should choose aromas that are really refreshing, such as lemon or cranberries. Also, it would be a really nice idea to serve them ice cream, don’t you think so? Serving a wedding cake made of fruits seems a great idea as well!

The wedding invitations and the wedding favors occupy a special place in the summer wedding theme

The motif in the summer wedding is really important: were you thinking of a marine one or one with flower theme? The wedding invitations have also to reflect the theme in your wedding, so if you have chosen flowers, use them on the invitations as well. Also, do not forget to use flowers or marine elements as well – these also recall of a summer wedding theme, remember? And when we say marine details and motifs, we refer to sand, shells, sea horses and even waves.

As for the wedding favors, think of small boxes that have in them shells – as to maintain the theme of the wedding. In order to offer your guests a useful gift, we were thinking of a pair of flip flops as wedding favors, but I n miniature of course. If you want to be funny and offer the guests a really interesting moment, then you can offer them normal sized flip flops, they will surely use these accessories with pleasure.

Summer wedding themes in wedding receptions are really easy to take into account and to use, because you have nature all around that is inspiring you. No matter if you want a garden surrounding or one nearby the ocean, the final visual effect will be just the way you have wished for it to be.