Jewish wedding

Each country, region continent differs in a way or other! The religious ceremony is a basic thing that differs from religion to religion and country to country! Such a great ceremony can be seen at the Jews, as they built their holly matrimony on love and respect!


Firstly let`s start with the bachelors party! We all know that before the wedding there`s a bachelor part, both for men and women! In the Jewish are this party is named Kabbalat Panim. At this party the future bride and groom are treated like king and queen! The bride has all her friends around her, while she`s sitting on a chair that looks like a throne and the future groom has all his friends that celebrate him with champagne and make different toasts! At the bride`s party participate both of the mothers-in-law and they have to smash a plate together, which symbolizes the fact that the future marriage of the couple is like this plate, fragile, can broke anytime so the persons involved must take care of one and another! The must be caring and loving!

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The next procedure in the wedding of the Jewish people is named Badeken, symbolized by the covering with veil! The bride receives in her room all their friends and family, and the groom comes and covers her face with the veil, meaning that he will take care of her from that particular moment!


The big wedding day is named Yom Kippur and certainly is the most important day from every couple`s life, be it Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish or any other religion! This day is seen by the Jews as a celebration day, the two involved must prepare for this event with prayers and lent, they must be prepared emotionally! The bride and groom wear in this day, traditional clothing, she wears a white dress, hand made, and he wears a kittel!

The place of the wedding is a white tent that is named Chupah, the guests are only the parents and close relatives! This petite ceremony symbolizes the future home of the married couple, the fact that the tent is placed under the sky signifies that the married ones will have many followers and they`ll have many children! Another symbol of this holly matrimony is that the couple will succeed only in pair!

The ceremony is named Kiddushin, the couple is blessed throughout prayers and wine. The entire ceremony represents joy and happiness!


The engagement part is very humble and after the engagement, starts the wedding one, when they exchange wedding rings and get united in holly matrimony!

The Rabin blesses the two couple says some things in Jewish that mean that they are united forever and believe in God and after this they drink wine, from the cup mentioned before! After they have drank the wine, they break the cup and this means that they will be happy and after the entire party the two married ones are left alone, which means the starting of their couple life!