Themes for a wedding

Even if the cold season doesn’t offer you too many opportunities and options when it comes to organizing a wedding all, such weddings can be extremely precious.

You can use a symbolic wedding theme of the winter season or you can rely on this part of the year as it is. Try emphasizing all the fortes and realize a fairytale atmosphere in your wedding day.

themes for a wedding

In order to create a really special atmosphere you can sculpt in ice the bar or where the drinks are taken for. A drink that can be considered as being ideal for this landscape is indeed a ice cosmopolitan, vodka and maybe white cranberry juice. On the background the guests can be received with their favorite carols and the imagery is complete up to this moment.
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Initiate the dance floor with fine movements and dance steps on the snow that surrounds you. Also, take into account applying for special machinery that makes snow and this type of snow is designed in such a manner as not to live the floor sticky.

themes for a wedding 2

Lavender and a winter blues? Tell us, what seems even more perfect than this? In order to confer the total magic effect of the entire atmosphere arrange the room lights in such a manner that they change in an alternative manner form white to blue and during the nigh time you can apply for a blue- violet tone, characteristic of lavender.

Try simplifying everything and in the same time make it unique. Types of dishes which are classical, like bowls with tomato soup or even miniature sandwiches made of cheese and with small pieces of grilled meat are only ones of the delicious ideas. These elements placed together can be completed with pork chop and beef with sauces, made in an Asiatic style.

Choose the wedding cake type gift, made on three layers and which is adorned with a chocolate bow, filled with delicious cream of chocolate mousse and fresh cranberry sauce.

themes for a wedding 3

The wedding favors are going to consist in small globes, made in a retro manner or with small pots with small trees that are permanently green. The personalized globes with your names on and the wedding date are surely going to be a special memory!

So, as you can observe all these elements involve a winter theme wedding and we think that they’re really fine, not out of the ordinary and if you’re looking for themes for a wedding, then this is between the ones that need to be taken into account and which won’t encounter any difficulties when it comes to realizing them.

Good luck in combining all these elements and ending up with a successful wedding!