Colors as wedding themes

Using colors as wedding themes seems to be between the most effective ways of organizing such an event. The best idea that you can take into account regarding a wedding theme and colors is to use one color and different variations of that color in lighter or darker tones. In this way you are not likely to fail in the color combinations. Also, there can be two colors used in a wedding theme, and usually these are pairs, which create a nice blending together.

Silver weddings

Silver wedding themeCredit
Silver wedding theme

Such weddings are most common to be encountered during the cold season, due to the fact that this particular tone recalls of the chilly air. In case you want an elegant wedding and classic in the same time, this tone is the ideal way of doing things.
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Black and white weddings

Black and white wedding themeCredit
Black and white wedding theme

In such weddings we would like to recall the minimalist style. Such a monochromatic combination ought to do the job and few are the chances not to obtain a nice and interesting visual effect. Also, it’s a really elegant use of tones as well and your wedding should be considered as one with good taste.

Golden weddings

Golden wedding themeCredit
Golden wedding theme

Warm tones like this one recall both of summer, in which one thinks of the color of the sun, honey, bright flowers and sand. Also, you can choose this wedding theme in the case of vintage wedding themes, which seem to be very in trend nowadays.

Pink weddings

Pink wedding themeCredit
Pink wedding theme

Well, for pink weddings you definitely have to have courage – as the groom. Not too many men accept the idea of having adopted such a color in their wedding. They want all the time to show a little bit of their manly side in the big event, as well. But think of the idea from this angle: pink isn’t considered sassy anymore, men getting to wear it more and more often; you are able to observe how men accept the idea of having a pink wedding theme, without arguing too much! Of course, this color, but combined with other tones, really strong ones.

Orange weddings

Orange wedding themeCredit
Orange wedding theme

We will end this topic of wedding themes with colors, for now, and this warm tone seems to be the appropriate theme with which we want to make the closure with! Using this color as main theme is ideal for the summer weddings and for the spring ones – it’s a vivid tone, which will denote life from every little angle.