Wedding with calla theme

Callas are really great looking and there are some ladies who adore these flowers. Many may consider into having their entire wedding with this basic floral motif. We think that it’s a touch of elegance and extravagance in the same time! You can do this thing if you adore these flowers and love how they look. For this category we have some wedding accessories (and not only) which have as theme the calla flower.

wedding with calla theme

We start with the maids of honor, the bride and their bouquets! The bride can have a bouquet in a different color from those of the maids of honor. Her bouquet can be in a darker or lighter color compared to the others.
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Her calla bouquet can have long strains and theirs not! You can have these bouquets in what colors you like as long as they match at a certain level. For example, the bride can have a pink or purple calla bouquet and the maids of honor can have the bouquet in a violet or fade pink nuance….

wedding with calla theme2

Another model consists of white callas for the bride’s accessory and that has at the base a transparent ribbon that ends tied up with a bow.

You can have invitations also that have the calla theme! Inside of each invitation you may place your nice words and a drawing of a calla, which simply looks interesting in contrast with the white nuance of the entire cardboard. The calla can be made in a dark nuance or even really contrasting to the rest of the invitation.

Are you interested in other suggestions? Well of course you are! Have a white invitation from a shiny piece of cardboard, roll it and around it place a nice colored ribbon with a nice accessory that takes the form of a calla flower! This accessory can be made of ceramics or plastic! Make sure that it doesn’t look kitsch! It should look elegant and great looking…..

wedding with calla theme3

There are also some details that can take the shape of callas! Those sweet things that you put on the table as a token of appreciation that your guests have accepted your invitation, can be made of sweet ingredients and on the upper side you can put a small calla in a strong color. This petit detail will show the main theme of your wedding! That is, if you’ve chosen this flower to be your basic motif!

Besides that sweet you can have a small basket, made of plastic and filled with candy! This accessory can have on one side a calla detail graved there. Make sure that the bonbons are placed in a transparent small bag and tied with a nice ribbon!

wedding with calla theme4

Use your imagination and adopt this main theme where is needed. If you pick callas as main theme for your wedding don’t place them almost everywhere! We promise to come up with other ideas regarding the calla motif for a wedding in the future topic.