Wedding using the autumn theme

We know that it`s to soon to talk about such details, but for a successful wedding you must start and plan it from detail to detail and this may take several months! Maybe these hints will help you in your wedding that you`ve chosen to take place in the autumn time! So let`s take it step by step….


If you like autumn that much and you`ve decided to organize your wedding in that period, it`s perfect then! Let`s start with the wedding invitations, simple and humble: a white invitation that has a simply and refined ribbon in a brown or golden nuance! Make sure that the fabric from which the ribbon is made looks shiny and a little bit transparent…. Another suggestion is to have a transparent invitation made of glass and you place your nice words there that look like carved! Make sure you have a leaf embroidered on that piece of glass, it suggests the autumn period!
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We`ve finished with the chapter of the autumn invitations, let`s begin another that regards testimonies and for this one here`s a suggestion: a bottle of wine in shape of a leaf that has embroideries on it! The next hint for testimonies regards a miniature house that is made in white and golden nuances and that has nice autumn motif on it! You can have this small house made of sweet stuff, like a mini cake!


Another testimony we propose is a little box that has nice metallic motifs on it, like butterflies or that has nice applications of golden and orange stones!

The menu of this type of wedding can be very light, with nuts and different types of food made of vegetables or fruits that fade away in that period! Use grapes, pears or apples….

The cake can be in a square shape made in black and brown colors from white and black chocolate it can have each layer colored in different ways….you can have a normal cake in a white nuance with some golden leafs made of sweet ingredients or with golden plants on it( of course made of sweets)!

A nice floral arrangement can be made of roses, placed in a nice and transparent vase! Place around the vase some leafs and you`ll see that it looks better! Another suggestion is to take a consistent chrysanthemum bouquet and place it in a vase and on top of it a white candle!


For the rest of the decorations you can use chrysanthemum petals and place them on the tables or on the chairs! The smell will inspire autumn to all your guests, believe us! The basic idea for decorating the salon is to have as many golden objects as you can in order for it to inspire that particular period of the year! The flower decorations help you so much in this matter and let`s mention also the candles that confer the room a warm touch!