Red wedding

Some of you may apply for organizing their wedding on a particular theme. Well, this is the way in which things go and we have to take into consideration that every time you want to do something it’s great that you should apply for a plan. This is what you have to do in this case too and in this case we’ve chosen to speak about a wedding that has as main source a color, and in this case it’s red. So how about a red wedding?

We are going to start with suggesting you some elements that can be red. Of course, you have to try not to make all the things red, this is very important –because you don’t want to become kitsch, or do you? So, we start with suggesting you to make the wedding red, but not entirely! You can apply for a white and black cake that has red details on it, like red roses here and there and around every layer.

red wedding

This is a great looking detail and we’re sure that you can apply for it really easily. At the basis of this cake you can observe a golden detail, the spot on which this cake is placed. Also, there are a lot of roses placed at the basis of this case as in to forming a red carpet. Quite some neat ideas, don’t you think so?
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The wedding favors can be also red and for this matter we recommend you to apply for red dice with nice looking cards next to them or even red glasses with a nice welcoming card. So how about it? and stay calm, because there are some other things that we want to relate to in this red wedding.

We’re going to mention about flower arrangements. These can be red as well! You can apply for a black vase with red details on it. Fill this vase with red flowers, nice looking flowers that are really great looking and the most important thing that we want to mention is the fact that the vase that you choose to use has to have a kooky shape, don’t choose an ordinary one.

The last things which we want to take into consideration refer to the table arrangements, which in this case are red. So, you can apply for a centerpiece that consists of a candle support, which is red of course. Around this one you can apply for some other supports that are made of glass and have the shape of a cube. This is indeed a nice combination of elements. Another thing that we want to relate to concerns the red napkins that can be observed in the plates. You can blend these with a black table cover and some zebra patterns here and there. This is an exquisite combination of elements and we’re sure that it’s going to be really useful to you!