Yellow wedding theme

Yellow is one of the colors of the moment when it comes to organizing weddings. With tones full of optimism and joy, a tone of yellow is going to bring good thoughts and energy among your guests.

We thought it would be great to speak about such a wedding and to be more explicit we thought it would be a nice thing to mention about a white, black and yellow wedding.
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When you choose the chromatic scheme of your wedding you have to think from the very well beginning how much color are the bride and groom wearing and how much is it going to represent from the décor.

In the case of yellow you can include elements of colors for your outfits, a yellow ribbon is going to be appropriate for your wedding dress in white and the same goes for the yellow bow of your groom.

In order to create a balance between the chromatic palettes of your wedding you can mix yellow with a strong color. It would be indicated to bet on two non colors, for the groom black and for the bride white.

If you want to avoid the conflict between gold – yellow, when you choose your wedding jewelry try to relate on silver….

Your groom has full freedom…. But only when he chooses his tie, bow tie and the cockades. You don’t want to add too much yellow in his outfit in order to finish with his elegance.

A groom less conservative can opt for a jacket with yellow insertions, at the level of the hands and the pockets.

You can realize a cockade for the groom from seasonal flowers, but these have to be yellow. If you want to diminish the impact of the color you can talk with the florist and he can add some grey or green accents.

Your wedding bouquet is going to be realized in diverse yellow tones that you can combine with white or orange. If you want to add a touch of novelty to your wedding bouquet you can add a system of wrapping, which is special maybe with a lace or a piece of jewelry or even a fancy fabric.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets have to be chosen with the same attention and they have to respect a certain chromatic scheme. It would be great to pick simpler wedding bouquets and differently created for an obvious contrast with your bridal bouquet.

It would be ideal that the location that hosts the party to have integrated your chromatic scheme of yellow – white – black. If it’s not the case, you can add some decorations that can be pretty useful.

The black vases and filled with seasonal flowers are an appropriate pick for such a color scheme.