Medieval wedding 2

Our last topic regarded the medieval wedding with all its elements, beginning with the tinniest detail up to the biggest one, we mentioned about the invitations, wedding cake, testimonies, decorations and menu. There were some details we forgot to mention about and we want to let you know about them. These details regard accessories and other nice things you should know when you’re organizing a medieval wedding….

medieval wedding 2

First there are the pillows where you put the rings: these pillows can have different shapes, like ones imitating flowers or hearts. These pillows can also have knitted patterns on them or different handmade models, you can ask your mother or your granny to apply these motifs on the pillows or you can find them already made.
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We want to present you some medieval accessories you may want to adopt on your wedding day. As bride a part of a medieval wedding you can have some Celtic earrings with different motifs on them! These can be made of wood or plastic with metallic parts here and there. We also suggest a leather belt for the groom. Put the belt around the waist line and highlight your beautiful suit with medieval touch.

medieval wedding 22

Instead of a car you can rent a chariot with two white horses really nice accessorized! The man that leads the chariot can also have a suit that brings you with the idea of medieval stuff!

If you want to highlight within the drinks that you have a medieval wedding you can apply for wine placed in transparent glass vases! Place these vases in middle of the tables and you can have some roses or even weed to give the touch of freshness…..

medieval wedding 23

The bride can also wear some flowers on her head. She can have a fresh flower on one side of the head or a flower crown and you can stop thinking of the idea of wearing a veil! Flowers look much fresher on a bride and also inspire roughly the idea of freshness!

Up until now we’ve presented various models of weddings and different patterns. These are basic points from which you can start from. We’ve given you some basic ideas and you may adopt each one of them depending on your personality! You can combine different hints and see what suits you better. These things are already known and we’ve mentioned them in several times.

medieval wedding 24

You should know from the moment you decide to marry what motif you should adopt to your wedding! Browse for different models and motifs and decide upon one! Organize the details, accordingly to the theme! The gown should be also also in perfect coordination with the theme you chose for your wedding….