Basic points for a winter wedding theme

Although not many couples decide to take their wedding during the winter season, we still have some other romantics that would rather do their big event in a more icy and cold period, because it may seem cheaper to them or they want to be unique and make the difference by doing their wedding in a time where the rest of the people plan their ongoing event that takes place in spring or summer time.
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There is a big range of possibilities when we are speaking of a winter wedding theme and you can play with ideas pretty much. This is why we thought it would be a great idea to offer you some hints on how to organize your wedding in this period and make it look gorgeous and unique. Let us add that this is the right time for offering you hints, although we are in the middle of summer, because in this way you have enough time for planning and organizing your ideas.

basic points for a winter wedding themeCredit
Basic points for a winter wedding theme

Think of the colors which you want to use in the big day. Do you want a stylish and elegant wedding or something that it’s rather playful? The basic colors that stand at the basis of a winter wedding reception consist of icy tones, white, colors that resemble jewelry and even the classic combination of green with red.

Basic points for a winter wedding themeCredit
Basic points for a winter wedding theme

Also, in the last suggestion, we would rather you avoid it, because you tend to make your wedding reception more of a celebration of holidays than a real party for the two of you.

The flower arrangements can be realized in the same tones and make sure that you insert some specific details to these, such as snow flakes or even icy sparkles as to imitate a little bit of what’s happening outside your cozy wedding reception salon. Combine the centerpieces with nice table cloths that are made in a warm tone and of the finest fabrics, such as silk – this will confer extra warmth to the entire room. And also, do not omit the candles, because they are really important for offering a great impression.

The wedding invitations should give a hint on the theme you have chosen for your bridal day, so use icy tones as well on these, but not in an exaggerate manner, because you do not want to confer the impression of coldness to the future guests.