Gold theme for a wedding

So, have you ever thought of placing as the main theme in your wedding a particular color? Well, the time isn’t lost, because we’re back here with some other hints concerning the theme of your wedding and we’re sure that you are going to find some hints here pretty useful!

The first color and tone that you may want to apply for in your wedding day is definitely the gold theme and color. Well, this particular one denotes good taste and you can be certain that you’re going to end up with a good looking ceremony, which is really elegant and extravagant in the same time. In what particular fields you can adopt this wedding? The answer is indeed simple and we’re certain that you’ve thought of some stuff as well.

gold theme for a wedding

First of all, you can apply for a gold wedding dress. How does it sound? To us, it sounds pretty interesting: you can adopt a gold dress that is really interesting not due to the color, but it’s due to the details that there are used. Also, the place in which your reception takes place can also be gold! You can adopt gold curtains and shiny and gold looking chandeliers. How about that? We’re certain that you didn’t take into account this aspect.
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As for the other details that we want to relate to, these concern the wedding favors, which can be made in a golden tone as well. The shoes that the bride can wear are also gold, but a similar pair can be worn by the bridesmaids. Some other details? Well, let’s not forget about the flowers that don’t necessarily need to be gold, but they can be yellow and this is an element that will make your wedding look full of life. The rings! Yes, the rings can be also in gold, that is if you don’t prefer white gold and the list can continue….

And as a last gold detail for your wedding with gold theme, we recommend you to carry in your hands a white bouquet that has attached around it a gold ribbon!

Come to think of it, we consider that these examples aren’t enough when it comes to a gold theme wedding and we’re sure that you want some other suggestions in where exactly you can place this color: the tie that the groom is wearing can be also gold or the flower arrangements placed in the reception with all the details, the flowers, ribbons and pieces of fabric as well as the container.

We were mentioning previously about wedding favors. Well, we’re back with this topic and we have some extra suggestions for you in order to make a general idea and see some new stuff. Like, golden bottles or candy covered with golden paper.