Choose colors in the wedding reception

Choosing the appropriate color for the wedding flower arrangements and the wedding reception in general is between the most difficult tasks and in the same time, these are aspects that need to be taken into consideration for the perfect bridal day. Taking such a decision can take a while for some, but for others with imagination by their side; it can be a really easy task.
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The most effective way of choosing your colors is by knowing how great do the colors combine together and to have a basic color from which to start. Using your imagination will seem really helpful and you are not going to encounter problems, as long as you make up your mind on a tone from which to start from.

choose colors in the wedding receptionCredit
Choose colors in the wedding reception

Look around: nature has so many things to offer to you

As well as an idea for a wedding theme and colors of course! Pink can be used during the entire year with success and all the pastel tones and colors as well. This doesn’t mean that you cannot apply for such colors during a wedding that has a season as a theme! Summer is all about intenseness and this relates to the dark tones of red, denoted especially by cherries.


Well, you can take the colors you like from visiting an art gallery or how about a clothes shop or a store. You simply cannot imagine how much colors you can obtain for your wedding reception with only one visit in such spots! In the same time, you will be aware of what colors are considered fashionable and how they can combine one with the other.

Rely on a main color

In the moment in which you start with the adornments and the wedding flower arrangements, it is quintessential you decide only on a single tone. After you have decided on a particular tone, we think that it would be ideal to start thinking of the other colors and combinations. For instance, in a summer wedding theme, you can rely on blue as the main tone, being inspired by the clearness of the sky, the tone of the sea and so on….

The colors are important for creating a general atmosphere and tone

Make sure you know what you want to transmit through your wedding reception and ceremony. If you are in the need of a calm festivity, a romantic one or one that is all about being modern or full of energy, it isn’t hard to show these ways of being through a particular color!