Winter wedding theme

Whenever you’re thinking of the winter season the first thing that comes into your mind is the outside cold. You can say that cold is the main enemy whenever it comes to the gorgeous gowns that you’re wearing in the big day and the spectacular details surrounding these.

Although, in the first moment the balance tends to be placed in favor of summer there are numerous aspects that can transform the winter in the perfect season for weddings. Red and green decorations, snowflakes, hot cocoa and cinnamon are only ones of the big pluses and pros of winter.

winter wedding theme

Why not take advantage of the representative colors of Santa’s suit? You can start with the bridal bouquet and the red roses that you place in it and also continue with the flower arrangements on the tables and the prevalent color of the location chosen for the wedding to take part. Also, you can use silver accessories, like shoes, pieces of jewelry or hairpins. The maids of honor can wear silver dresses and the groom a bow tie or a silver tie.
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Your gift for the guests of the wedding can be small cookies in shapes of snowflakes. The wedding invitations can be in shape of snow flakes or they can contain in their design this idea. And why not, the salon can be adorned with garlands in shape of snowflakes. The magic of the snowflakes is going to make the guests feel as if they’re in a fairy tale and you’re the princess….

winter wedding theme 2

Order a white wedding cake that recalls of the chilly days of your childhood and all the parts with snow that maintained you away from school. A white wedding cake with two snowmen on the top can be the ideal solution! The snowmen bring always a smile on people’s faces.

It’s not only about the evil or good spirit of Christmas, like in the story of Charles Dickens. It’s all about the warmth and the understanding of this holiday. You can take advantage of the occasion in order to make people feel better and also regret in the same time if you had a fight or for getting close to the persons whom you consider that deserve it.

winter wedding theme 3

The first dance can celebrate Mariah Carey’s song “All I want for Christmas is you”. Santa Claus can be your surprise guest whom you invite at the wedding.

When we’re speaking about winter wedding themes it seems that white is the prevalent tone to which everybody thinks and they want to adopt it in the special day. Of course, these are essential elements whenever it comes to a wedding- what color you decide to apply for in order to make your wedding look special and be special!