Wedding with the chandelier theme

We all know that the chandelier is a vintage element and it is much encountered nowadays! You can adopt this motif and place it in your wedding in any areas you like! We thought of a wedding that has as a basic theme, the chandelier….


So where could you start from showing the guests such a motif? Well, on the invitations! You can have a black and white invitation with a nice handwriting and a sketched chandelier also in black and white! Place the invitation into a red envelope for creating a plus of effect! You can leave the invitation in a blank color and place a trace of a chandelier on the envelope in which you place the invitation! This is also a solution, it only depends on your taste and the message you want to send!
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The next area in which you can place this motif is the decoration field! You can have nice golden chandeliers or silver ones with many bulbs on them in a garden, placed in a tree! This idea is simply delightful and modern in the same time! Just imagine, mixing this classical and interior object with natural surrounding elements!

Besides using a chandelier in the garden you can encounter him where its place has always been! Inside a classy room with many interesting decorations! Certainly this type of room needs a large quantity of money to be rented, but the obtained effect is unique! You have a nice room, extravagant, which highlights the elegance of your wedding and the fact that you have certain expectations in the most important day of your life!


As a bride, you can always apply for that nice pair of chandelier earrings that simply looks marvelous if you “possess” a long neck! These earrings denote elegance and certainly they need to be worn with an extravagant dress! Let`s also mention that if you wear such earrings it`s not necessary to wear a necklace, because it may be too much for exterior aspect and you don`t want to look like “a large chandelier in a small room”!

You can also adopt this theme into your wedding bouquet! And how can you do that? Well instead of carrying around your bouquet in your entire palm you can always place a ribbon to the bouquet and carry it in half of your palm! Make sure the flowers look fresh and have great combinations together! And speaking about flowers you may want to adopt such a style in your floral arrangements by making them look like a waterfall and placing them on a metallic and vintage stick!


If you choose for the chandelier theme at your wedding, make sure you confer a vintage atmosphere to the party and surrounding arrangements! This is very important in order to have a great looking party and a ceremony to remember!