Colors for wedding themes

Foreseeable or not, the first thing that you have to do when you start thinking of your wedding decorations is to choose the color scheme. This decision is going to guide your entire wedding planning process, so here are some lines that you have to follow.

Think of the significant

When a certain nuance comes into your head, what you associate it with? Yellow is joyful, like the summer sun, red is a synonym to passion, while blue confers you the impression of tranquility. Pick some of your favorite tones and think what attracts you the most among them.
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Before taking the final decision, don’t follow only the favorite colors, take into account also the style or the season in which the wedding takes place. A pink palette is not going to be appropriate with a fall wedding theme, in a garden with dry leaves.

The season and style

Wedding planners and decorators say that it’s simpler to get away from thematic palettes, which are as predictable as it possibly can. Who wouldn’t think of brown or orange for a fall wedding? Also, for a party style white – tie it wouldn’t be an appropriate to use pink tones, which can be considered rather lame.

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Colors for wedding themes

For a winter wedding theme, even if white is in the center of attention you can create a warmer impression with a little bit of lavender purple. If you plan a formal event, try a metallic combination with silver, copper bronze or golden for a glamour aspect.

A fall wedding theme is equal with pastel tones, but you can add profoundness in the ensemble of purple accents or coral. The inverse combinations, in which the accents have the main role, add a plus of elegance.

In a summer wedding theme you can pick daring combinations of yellow, purple, red or blue. Or choose tones of the same color. For example, apply for combining salmon, coral or orange tones and you are able to obtain a spectacular combination.

During the fall wedding theme don’t omit the obvious combinations and choose matte colors. An elegant combination can be made out of grey petrol, with burgundy red and a touch of lavender tone. If you are a person who is into trends, your inspiration is clearly going to be found from the fashion catwalks, fall being the trendiest season of them all.