Wedding with calla theme 3

Yesterday’s theme seems to inspire today also! We continue the wedding calla theme with giving you some other examples regarding accessories, floral arrangements and such things that have at the basis this beautiful flower.

We struck over an interesting floral arrangement that has at the basis ideas like light and semi-vivid nature. Take a cylindrical glass vase, which is transparent. Fill this container with calla flowers making sure that they create semicircles with their strains and their flowers are somewhere above! Place these containers into the light and you’ll see the effect created! At the basis of this cylindrical vase you can put also some grass threads in order to make it look much interesting.

wedding with calla theme 3

We continue with other floral arrangements that require the presence of a cubical glass vase! Fill this vase until its half with water and place some white callas together with their strains. At the basis of each container you can place some white stones in order to confer a wonderful aspect! In addition, correlate this arrangement with the ribbon tying the napkins on the table.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
We continue with another calla floral arrangement. This time this ornament has a long vase, made of transparent glass, the vase is really thin and it has really long strains of flowers together with another plant in the middle! You can place it, as usual, in the middle of the table! It certainly will look divine in combination with the other elements.

wedding with calla theme 32

The groom may also have a calla flower on his chest. If the suit is black, then it means that this white flower will look great placed there! He may pick the calla in what color he wants, we only gave you a basic example, so that you imagine how it can look like.

wedding with calla theme 33

Who says that the bride’s jewelry can’t take a calla shape? Indeed, it can! Thing of nice earrings that have calla shape, made of white gold or silver!

wedding with calla theme 34

Together with these accessories you can have an interesting medallion that takes the same shape and it can be placed on a simple chain. The bracelet is optional! You can have also a calla detail on the bracelet, which is cuff type.