Red wedding 3

A red wedding is something that not many people would apply for, but there are also a lot of people that feel tempted to apply for this particular color as a main theme. Also, don’t exaggerate with the red elements, because you may get too boring and your guests won’t be pleased at all, and you wouldn’t want that. These are things that were repeated in our previous articles and we hope that you take them into consideration.

Let’s continue with some other aspects concerning red weddings and maybe these will seem useful in your organization. Well, how about some nice looking red invitations? White and red is a nice combination and we’re certain that you think of it in the same way.

red wedding 3

How about an invitation that is made of cardboard and it has a special area with the shape of a heart? Indeed, a nice thing and neat elements, which go really great together. You can wrap around this invitation a thin piece of ribbon and the result is definitely great looking.
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The flower arrangements and ornaments can be red as well. Think of some details that have never been seen before in any other wedding and we’re certain that you’re going to feel pleased of the effect. We’re thinking of a glass vase that is filled with small flowers in red color and you can combine these with green details as well. You’re going to like it pretty much, you can be sure of that!

red wedding 3 2

A red table cover isn’t a bad idea at all. Think of the way in which you want your table to look like. Take a red table cover and combine it with different pieces of porcelain and glasses. The plates should definitely be in white in order to obtain a nice visual effect.

red wedding 3 3

As for the flower arrangements, we recommend you to take white porcelain vase and fill it with red flowers. This will be a nice combination and we’re sure that it sounds interesting. Instead of a normal chair cover you can apply for a neat looking white and red piece of fabric that will definitely create a marvelous effect with the minimalistic side of the chair, because you have to try to make the chair as minimalist and simple as possible.

red wedding 3 4

Instead of applying for a red cake and other foods that can be found as buffet, we recommend you some red ornaments that can be placed on the wall. This is a nice combination and we’re sure that it seems really interesting to you. How it can be in other manner?