Weddings with rose theme

We have some other suggestions of themes for you in case you’re in lack of ideas. Don’t worry, that’s why we’re exactly here! To share all the interesting things with you and maybe you’re going to apply for some of our ideas. This won’t be hard at all, because there are some parts here that are definitely affordable and really cheap in case you were looking for something similar to it.

We’re going to speak about a wedding that has a rose theme. This sounds pretty interesting and simple in the same time. Think of where you can use the rose in all the details and elements that concern a wedding and you can be sure that you’re going to end up with a really interesting ceremony.

wedding with rose theme

We would like to start with the wedding favors that have as main theme the rose. You can adopt some candles that take the shape of a rose bud and you can fill an entire plastic container with these. You can have a box in the shape of a heart and wrap around it a ribbon. Let’s also mention that you can tie the ribbon with a bow and we’re sure that this will definitely create an interesting visual effect. Think of what color do you like the candles to be and if you want them to be aromatic or not. It’s not hard at all!
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And speaking about wedding favors, we’ve got some other details that we want to mention about and some suggestions to make to you. We’re thinking of a straw basket that is really tiny and neat looking in the same time and you can fill it with ginger bread in shape of roses. This is quite a cute idea and we’re sure that it didn’t come into your mind. Place the ginger bread pieces into transparent plastic bags and tie them on top with a red ribbon. This is quite an interesting effect and we’re sure that you’re going to like these things pretty much.

wedding with rose theme 2

We’ve got some other suggestions that are definitely going to serve as wedding favors and you’re going to find them useful in the same time. We’re thinking of round cookies that have a rose on top of them and that look pretty nice in the same time.

wedding with rose theme 3

There’s a layer made of dough in white or black, with or without cocoa in it. On top of it you can observe sugar and the rose bud made of sweet elements. Indeed, some great looking ideas, which serve as wedding favors.