Islamic wedding

For Arabians, like any other people, the marriage is something really serious, religion imposing a series of strict norms that make the family life be in a balance.

Every member of the couple knows his or her role pretty well. So, the husband has to make sure that the family doesn’t fault money and the protective role of the home, while the wife has to occupy herself of the education of the children and she has to make sure that the home works properly. All these elements make this kind of ceremony interesting to read about and this is why we decided you to take into account the Islamic wedding.

The Islam highlights the importance of the reciprocity of the family because this offers a stable character to the family.

Islamic wedding

When the dates of the ceremony are established, the big expenses for the wedding are like a thing to be very proud of in the Islamic weddings and the families always make public all the details concerning the financial parts.
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Before the Islamic wedding starting there are all kinds of delightful foods made and all types of delights which we’re sure you’re going to love tasting.

The traditional food is a type of rice with lamb meat and a big range of salads that are served on immense plates. Before the wedding, men sacrifice the small lambs for making sure that there’s the necessary amount of meat involved.

Islamic wedding 2

The food is going to be prepared of lamb and chicken with rice and salads with the traditional deserts. The weddings take place during Wednesdays and Thursdays. In what concerns the arrangement of the bride, the ritual is one full of charm, the entire family taking part of the joy of the future bride.

This ritual takes place in a Wednesday or a day before the wedding. The hairdo and the makeup style takes a long period of time for being done. In this day, the groom can’t meet the bride; this day is just for resting.

Islamic wedding 3

Around 1 o’clock the party starts at the bride’s only with the family and friends. The party is going to start with a feminine event that involves the usage of Henna, painting with henna. This kind of party is going to be rather big, where the friends of the bride are going to be invited….

Food and drinks are not going to be absent; the bride is going to change her dresses, almost one for each song. The music that they’re going to listen to is going to be Islamic or Arabian and the women present at the event are going to have the occasion of being painted on the hands or on the legs by an old lady, who can be considered as being an ace in this craft. So, they’re going to be painted with henna and this is where the name of the party comes from….