Wedding with marine theme 4

This time we’ll going to take into consideration only models of table arrangements. So be seated properly because you’ll have an entire list of suggestions regarding this matter of ornaments with the marine theme. We hope you’re going to be delighted because these examples are wonderful and need to be taken into consideration.

wedding with marine theme 4

The wedding with marine theme should be celebrated in a natural spot. What can be more natural than the nature itself? How about a spot near the seaside or a lake? So here’s how it should be: choose the beautiful area and put the tables under the blue sky and smell the fresh air.
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For the bride and groom table we recommend a small one with a white cover and a sandy color like part in the middle. You must remember the example regarding the table arrangement in the later article…. Well this one resembles perfectly with the last one. We recommend also some wooden chairs really comfortable and maybe some pillows applied.

wedding with marine theme 42

The next suggestion denotes refined taste and exquisite look. You have a white table cover with a marine blue part on the middle. The plates can be made of a transparent material and in each one of these you can have a silvery shell that remembers your guests the theme you’ve chose. You want to create a vivid watery image and for this you should use only accessories made of glass or transparent materials. For instance, you can have a glass vase with whit flowers in it and crystal glasses.

Besides the vases you can find some small glasses which have some clams and shells inside of them. You can use as testimonies some small square pots in blue color and place three or five roses in them, the roses should be white also, like the other flowers used in the ornaments. And with this delightful table you’ll feel closer to the sea…. All it elements confer the perfect ambient.

wedding with marine theme 43

Another example for the matrimonial table regards a nice spot, delimited with four wooden poles. On these poles you may place some transparent cloths that will assure you the right atmosphere. Besides theme you may place a chandelier in the middle upper side. Don’t use chairs! Use blue and white pillows around a rectangular wooden table. On this table you can put some elements that bring you with the idea of sea and marine elements. This nice arrangement should be made in a comfy area and make sure you see the seaside!

The final example is this one: a wooden table with great marine elements on it. The plates can also have marine motifs on them…. Inside these you may place a blue handkerchief and some good looking shells on it. The glasses should be made from transparent glass with a blue touch.

wedding with marine theme 44

You can have candle containers that resemble with the glasses and a candle inside…. Create a wonderful string made of petite shells and clams and place it in the middle of the wooden table! Everything will look great trust us!