Wedding with orchid theme 2

There are so many ideas regarding the accessories and ornaments with the orchid theme that we would like to present them all in only one topic, but we know it’s impossible. Today we continue with these elements and we promise to bring you many interesting ideas….

wedding with orchid theme 2

How about a white and green cake? But it’s not all! Two layers for this cake, white ones at the basis of every layer there is a green part surrounding, and on top of every layer you have some orchid flowers that pierce the surface. It’s quite an interesting model and really vivid too!
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Why shouldn’t the pillow where you put the rings have some orchid elements too? For instance you can have a blue pillow with a yellow orchid on it! Underneath the orchid you can have two thin ribbons in which you may place the two rings….

wedding with orchid theme 22

We continue with the testimonials…. These can be made of white boxes filled with sweets and candies and on the top cover of this box you may have a beautiful orchid flower glued there together with its leaves. Put these boxes on the table and you’ll see how enchanted your guests will be!

We continue with a nice floral arrangement…. A cylindrical vase wrapped with a shiny material in purple nuance. Fill this big vase with purple orchids, roses and other flowers in a similar color tone! You can also have here and there some big and intense green leaves in order to complete the imagery! Place this vase in the middle of the table and you’ll see how great it looks.

We continue with another interesting floral ornament. We’re talking about many cylindrical vases, really thin and made of transparent glass. Unite all these vases and in each one of them you may place an orchid thread in pink or whatever color you like. The effect created is simply delightful and we recommend it. You may place it in the centre of a table or in one corner of the salon….

wedding with orchid theme 23

Here’s another interesting model of floral arrangement: a bowl filled with water and flower orchids inside of it. You may put some grass threads inside of it in order to make it more interesting. Make sure that this bowl is really small and you put also some small candles around it in order to make the recipient shine! And speaking of candles…. How about some candles in shape of orchid flowers? You can have white orchid candles or pink ones placed in a water bowl together with some rocks.

We continue with another floral arrangement placed in an antique vase, which is filled with soil. In the dirt you can place a beautiful thread of orchids with violet flowers and make sure that it’s full of flowers!

wedding with orchid theme 24

And we end with a pillow that carries the rings! We promise to return with new ideas and suggestions regarding this type of wedding…. So we recommend also a pillow that has knitted in one corner an orchid flower…. This can go really well with the rings.